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Lifespan Integration is a new technique which promotes rapid healing in adults who experienced abuse and/or neglect during childhood.

This approach, developed in 2002 by the American psychologist Peggy Pace, is a gentle psycho-corporal therapy, which is based on the innate self-healing ability of the human being.

In principle, our brain is able to integrate most of our life's experiences, but sometimes some experiences, particularly violent or terrifying ones, are not integrated at the neuronal level. As a result, adults, for example, who have been abused in childhood, will often develop inappropriate, dysfunctional and counterproductive patterns of behavior. Life span integration then allows reprogramming the neural networks and the person will then act more appropriately and in a more mature way in all circumstances.
In order to facilitate the neuronal integration of traumatic events, the patient builds a chronological list of memories, from birth (from his first conscious memory) till today. This "timeline" demonstrates to the body-mind system that time has passed and that life is different today. The "film of your life" will be repeated at least 3 times during an LI session. It is this repetition that will allow the new reality to impose itself in the memory at a deeper level.
This way, we are able to "repair" the traumatic experience (whether you remember it or not). Furthermore, it is also possible to build what was not there: in case of affective deficiencies, such as lack of love, or lack of feeling important for example.
In case of a traumatic pregnancy or a traumatic birth, the therapeutic work can also be done to cure experiences that the patient does not remember. (caesarean, incubator, umbilical cord around the neck, etc.).

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