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I am a psychologist-psychotherapist, specialized in clinical psychology and recognized in Switzerland at the federal level. I work with adults, in a private practice since 2001, with cognitive behavior therapy. Before then, I have worked in institutions and with private organisations, in Switzerland and abroad.


I only work with adults, in one-to-one sessions and in groups. My specialities are the treatment of addiction (Minnesota Model) and  the treatment of traumas, simple and complex (with the EMDR  technique). I also conduct "life reviews", to help you find life meaning and identify new challenges.


You will find my Curriculum Vitae by clicking on this link .

My office is easy to access, behind Nyon train station, 5 minutes walking distance.

I have the advantage of being able to work in different languages ​​(French, English, Spanish), and my patients particularly appreciate being able to express themselves in their mother tongue, especially when it comes to talking about emotions and old memories. 


If the therapist's background is important in terms of training and professional experience, we must not forget that the choice of a therapist is also (and especially!) based on human criterias and "feeling"; many studies have shown that a good relationship with your therapist, based on trust and respect, is significantly related to the success of the therapy.

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