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This is a short program for people who do not necessarily wish to engage in medium to long term psychotherapy, but who are in a process of personal growth, with a desire to understand and give meaning to their life, identify psychological blocking patterns and take up new challenges :-)

In a few sessions (4 or 5), our goal is:


          1. Understand and give meaning to suffering, sometimes a "necessary evil"!


          2. Identify where the behaviors that generate the current and past problems come from


          3. Highlight the challenges you still have to face, which keep you in painful repetition patterns


         4 . Establish a plan, in order to continue to evolve and improve your quality of life

Price per session: Frs 200.-

To take an appointment for a life review, please call 079 762 4181

Personal growth sessions are not reimbursed by health insurance companies.

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