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Life review
Personal growth
5 sessions)

Sometimes it feels

like it will never end...
But there is always hope and you will smile again.

I am happy that you are here and visit my website.

I hope that you will find all the information you are looking for and that I will be able to meet with your expectations.


In any case, I want to give you a message of hope, because there is help for you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE !


If you are here, that probably means that everything doesn't go right in your life. Maybe you want to get rid of a symptom, change a dysfunctional behavior, free yourself of an addiction or a trauma. Or perhaps it is just a difficult period you are going through and a life review might give you the tools so that you start feeling better with yourself and others. In other words, you would like to improve your day to day life, and in order to do that, YOU NEED HELP !

Please take some time to visit this site, and you will see what benefits are here for you. I have described the different pathologies that I treat, as well as the therapeutic techniques that I use in my practice, in order to relieve my clients from their sufferings.

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